Monday, January 11, 2010

Day 11: My RAK from Bridget!!

Here is my picture for today it is all my goodies from Bridget...there is sooo much I had to use a different table to take my photo!
I LOVE it ALL Bridget!! Thank you sooo much! I have loved following your blog and getting to know you & your you poor dear will know mine!!!
I am posting 2 pictures today cause I wanted to share the awesome card Bridget made as pretty. I am trying to rebuild my card stash this year.


  1. Oh how fun to get just a wonderful package in the mail.. have fun with all of your goodies.

  2. That's a great RAK... (Lol.. that sounds like a sentence a male would say!) lol Sorry... Anyway.. how sweet of Bridget, what a cute card!