Thursday, January 14, 2010

Day14: Joy

This a picture of poor Joy she had a really rough day....she was sooo sick. The vets office was closed when I called to get her in.....I think I scared her when I yelled "JOY!" at the top of my she hid out side. Then I had to go find her.... So I spent most of the day cleaning up after Joy and I HAD to clean the carpets. I even called Gary at work three times and I never call him, So between changing Adens diapers and cleaning up after Joy my day was really full of s**t!!! She seems like she is back to normal tonight.


  1. Oh she looks so scared and sat.. Sorry you had just a _____ day.. I hope Joy feels better tomorrow.

  2. Oh hugs to you for having a crappy day. I just had to laugh, because that is my favorite word. lol Glad she is feeling better.

  3. HI Joy, I had day like that too yesterday. Dog vomit, dog diahrea and then my little girl got a stomach bug!! ugh! Poor Joy is she ok?