Saturday, January 30, 2010

Day 30

Today's picture of the day is of my boss Theresa!! She is our Store Manager and I love her sooo much! She was caught off guard talking on her microphone and doing her paper work. I really have been blessed when it comes to my job ....I love working at Jo-Anns! I have met soo many amazing guests that come into the store...I am a huggy person and I do greet most of them with a hug....I counted it and it only takes 3 seconds to give a hug so I don't let it interfere with me getting my job done.
Everyday that I work is a new experience and it is so awesome to help someone and inspire them. Today I met a lady who was making sachets for all her family members from her Mothers wedding dress who passed away, the dress was discolored from age and she didn't want to store it in a box. The color was hard to match so she decided to use gold ribbons on it....I told her to even use the buttons as an added embellishment.
And I met the sweetest guy probably in his 70's and got to help him with picking out paint for his train set could see the excitement in his eyes when he told me of his room he has set up...told me how he made his trees and his landscapes.
Then there was a lil girl (she was 3) with some red ruby shoes she was giving her Mom a hard time until I said wow love those red ruby shoes...her Mom told me she owns 2 pairs the only shoes she wears! The lil girl told me my dad is the tin man!
Then I had a lady trying to get me to rent her house in Pensacola Fla....that her Mother had left her....the prettiest part of Florida ever!!! Ohhh how tempted I was!! The Cricut Stars are going to LOVE going to craft with Kathy down there!!


  1. Oh Brenda, how awesome that you can help and encourage so many people at your job. hugs

  2. what wonderful stories of your day at work. I need to get me a job. :)

  3. That is so awesome that you love your job so much. Your stories are beautiful. I am sure you are a bit of sunshine in your customers' days!