Friday, January 15, 2010

Day 15

Here is a holder I made for my decorative scissors. Years ago I worked in a wood factory and I would bring home some of the drawer fronts that had small flaws....I couldn't see them throwing them away due to them being oak. So I added some decorative painting and added some pegs.
I also use these drawer fronts as stands for my kaleidoscopes they help me keep the cost down so I can sell them at an affordable price.
Joy is feeling better I am thinking she got into the neighbors food garbage...when they clean out their fridge they put it on their burn pile and my girls sneak off and get into it....glad that is all it was she put a scare in me. Today she was all back to normal. Sorry if I grossed some of you out by yesterday's post.


  1. I am so glad Joy is feeling better today.. and what a beautiful rack for our scissors... how talented you are.

  2. I love your racks for your scissors. Very pretty. I got rid of all mine about a yr ago. Sometimes I regret it, but then I think someone else is enjoying them now.

  3. Bridget I have gave some away this is a few I kept thinking I could use them....if I do bless someone I can move it to my bathroom for neclaces.

  4. So glad to hear Joy is back to herself. That's soo scary when your pet is sick.

    Your decorative scissor rack is very pretty. Good use of discarded drawer fronts.