Friday, January 8, 2010

Day 8:What a night at work!!!

Here is a picture of Lori the Night Manager at work. Talk about a talented knitter!!! I twisted her arm into setting up a blog and I am excited to share when she sends me the link.
What a night 'eh Lori ?! shhhh
Thanks for being a sport and letting me get your picture I love working with you & Kris!!! Ohhhh glad you didn't get me with that beautiful beaded scarf!!!


  1. you should see her eyes!!!! BLUEEEE
    she was sticking her tongue out at me in one picture but it was tooo blurry to post!

  2. I want to learn how to knit. Glad you have fun coworkers. :)

  3. Bridget I am sooo blessed to work with a great team....and my boss she is sooo awesome....I am sure I will get her picture before it's over they can't all dodge me!!!

  4. Brenda, here's the url:
    And yes, guys, she did keep saying I needed to do this, that whenever I got to it, it would be worth it!
    She's one of our most valuable staff. We call her with questions!
    And I'll try to put the picture of the scarves tonight for everyone so they will understand the story behind them! It's pretty funny!
    Thanks Brenda for making my day!

  5. awww Lorie that is sooo sweet of you....I know I drive you girls all crazy...must be all those voices I hear in my head!!(we now are wearing michrophones ladies!!)