Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Day 5

I would have never thought that this would have been my picture for the day, but when I discoved this tub I knew it was the one. I was cleaning out the closet and came accoss some of my Mothers clothes...took my breath away for a second and most of you know me....I cried. I swear I could even smell her. I really need to think of a creative way to do something instead of them being in a tub in the back corner of the closet.


  1. Oh Brenda... I don't know how long your Mother has been gone, but I pray you remember the special memories and that it eases the pain. I hope you think of a creative way of doing something with them... hugs my friend.

  2. how cool that you still have some of your mothers clothing. Maybe you could frame the shirt. here is my email address momylopez@aol.com