Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Day 13: Dora

Dora's turn today!! (you can come outa hiding Gary!) Here she is in what she claims as hers the Blues Clue chair. (when Joy had it she kept it in perfect condition Dora has got the back chewed up in 2 spots normally her blankie is over it but Aden is a blankie baby) Dora was born with cornea dystrophy the vet first diagnosed her as blind . I sure named this lil stinker right she has really put the scare into us twice on her lil exploring adventures. First time she was gone 4 days we went door to door and posted pictures in stores and gas stations that is how she was returned when a lady seen her picture...I was a wreck when she was missing!
She is sooo funny....she keeps me entertained and laughing all day with her lil ways...until she tears up mommies embellishments that I drop and search for hours....she is a lil bandit that is for sure if something is missing Dora's got it!!!


  1. She's aDORA-able!!! lol She really is. Isn't it just amazing how our pets become such a big part of the family. She's so lucky to have you, too!

  2. Oh how cute she is and she looks so innocent. lol

  3. LOL Lorrie that was cute.
    She looks to sweet to be a embellishment bandit.