Saturday, January 9, 2010

Day 9: A "Gift from God"

I was going to take a picture of my mess that I made today....even Gary complained! Then I picked up my purse and I thought I have the picture for the day!! There is such a beautiful story behind this purse it was given to me by a newbie (Rose) in our store last Christmas. I was cutting fabric for her and remarked about her beautiful bag she told me she found it on ebay, nosey me asked how much she paid for it since I never have seen one like it, she told me the was high dollar. Any way about a week later she came back into the store with her daughters and comes to me and hands me this purse I said "No...I can't accept this I know what you paid for this...she said yes it is for you.... it is a Gift From God" ....well ya'll know me I started my crying and hugged her and her daughters and thanked them. I love this purse and more I love what it represents!! I really need to do a layout on this treasure!

It amazes me how there is sooo many awesome Christians out there and that God has sent my way....I am sooo blessed!!!
I get sooo many comments about this purse and I share the story behind it and thought I would share with you.....I have been tempted to pass it along to another stranger that comments on it but I stop and I remember that day...that look in Rose's eyes and her daughters and I decide I will keep it.....and smile when I carry my "Gift From God!"

Wait till you hear the story behind "The Coat!"

I know it is more than one picture but I wanted to show you the detail on this purse!


  1. What an awesome purse and an awesome gift. That is such a wonderful story.

  2. I love this story... and the photos. Thanks for sharing both!

    Beth Moore

  3. Isn't God good. The purse is absolutely beautiful... no, don't give it away, God meant for you to have it and share the story.

  4. What a awesome story. Your purse is gorgeous.

  5. Brenda, that is GORGEOUS! It is so amazingly unique! What a blessing you received from this wonderful woman!

  6. God gave you that purse so you could share the story of it. :) What a wonderfully unique and beautiful gift!