Thursday, January 7, 2010

Day 7: Gary's Birthday

Todays picture is of my hubby Gary today is his birthday! I was going to take him out to dinner after work...but my hours got changed. And with him working out doors all day in the snow I think it was nice for him to stay in. He kept dodging my camera all night telling me "I am not gonna be part of your 365 project!" Well I did get him at the patio door! I did try to edit the photo due to the bad lighting.


  1. Hey girlie....wonderful pics and thoughts the past few days...I especially love the clothes you found of your mom wore lots of flannel jammies and I often thought that I would make quilted pillows for everyone....but x has them hostage with the pix....what a stinker....great pic of Gary...can't say I've ever seen one...LOL....tell him happy belated bday for me!

  2. I had a hard time getting this one Sandy....I had my camera out and he was running from me last night...Yeah I think the only layouts I did of him were his backside...he reminds me of Chong or the guy that used to play "Animal" from the Lou Grant show...
    thanks for leavin' some love!
    hugs Brenda

  3. LOL.. well I am glad you finally got a picture of Gary Brenda.. tell him I said "happy birthday"..

  4. Happy Birthday Gary :) Let him know he's in for a lot more days of picture taking. RAK is on the way tomorrow. Robert didn't get to the bank until it was almost closed. So be looking for it sometime next week.