Monday, February 1, 2010

Day 32:OMGOSH!! ADEN!!!

OMGOSH this is a first for me!! I have watched hundreds of kids in my lifetime and I have NEVER seen this before!!!I was cutting up Aden's banana for his after nap snack and I heard a noise in the laundry room....I turned my head and there he sat in my dryer! Camera was on the bar from taking pictures earlier so I grabbed the camera. When his dad came to get him I said wait till you see my picture of the day! He then informed me Aden does this at home all the time lil stinker even closes the the laundry room door will be shut at all times. It is my fault that the dryer was open I found that after his bath he sleeps sooo good for me when I wrap him in a warm towel then powder him up. I spoil Gary like that too....(minus the baby powder!) gosh I wonder how good I would sleep if someone would warm a towel for me!!!


  1. Wow... a warm toasty towel after a bath.. sounds heavenly. I'm sure it's part scary to see him in the dryer... little stinkers those kids can be! But darn, he's soooo cute!

  2. He is so cute.. but it is a scary thing to see him in there... warm towel.. boy you do spoil them. lol

  3. Pretty cute picture though. My mom use to put this guy in the dryer at the laundromat when we would go and he liked for it to be turned on. I know she would be in so much trouble now if she ever did that, but back then it was kind of funny.