Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Day 39

Here is another bird shot sorry girls this is what I enjoy!!! Here he or she (not sure how to tell on the woodpeckers) has some suet in his beak!!
I found some awesome moss on a spool that we started carrying at work and I have plans to make an album "The Path Home" and using some of these bird photos in it as well...now I have to figure out how to make my bricks out of polymer clay for my side walk. Plus I might also do a mini album of just my bird photos. "For the Birds" sounds like a great title!
I make some of my own suet blocks for my birds using my saved bacon grease, oatmeal,cornmeal.peanut butter,and black berries....they love it!!!
Also I want to thank you all who visit my other blog....I got 30 comments on Moms Triptych layout!!! That is the most I have ever gotten from a project....I will be passing out an award later for all of those who left comments! I really do appreciate you taking the time to leave a comment it fills my heart with sooo much joy!!!


  1. Oh Brenda, I love coming to your blog(s)... and I love this woodpecker. I was just telling Everett the other day, that there used to be a woodpecker across the street on the telephone pole and I was wondering what happen to him. (I guess he went to your house lol)

  2. I love the birds you capture on film. I wish we had more around here.

  3. Holy moly, this bird is amazing! Great photo!