Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Day 46

This is the picture I took yesterday....didn't get it posted last night due to company not leaving until way tooo late.
This is my back yard and going through the trees is the path we have created to go through the woods. We have a trail that the boys ride their 4 wheeler and dirt bike as well as all the neighbors use the trail as well. I will have to get a layout done from the pictures that my son took on Halloween when Adens dad made it and his woods into a haunted trail..I was tooo busy playing with my brand new Cricut Expression that Angie bought me that night!!!
I often teased Gary that I was going to make it a yellow brick road!
It was a sad day for me yesterday when I found out due to a new company policy that I could no longer be on a Design Team and promote another companys products. It broke my heart to make that call to Kristina I felt it was better to do that than an email...she gave me my first DT and always has supported my work.


  1. What a gorgeous backyard. I bet there are a ton of great memories back in the woods.

    Sorry about the DT. You are so talented, it's really too bad.

  2. I am so sad with you about the DT... :-( But I am sure that God has something better planned for you. Awesome BACKYARD.

  3. Very beautiful. Sorry about your DT. I can't do anything like that because of SU. Your yard is so gorgeous!