Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Day 41

Here is a digital layout that I have posted on my other blog. But I want to learn the digital layouts this year to do my Project I thought I would post it here.
This is a photo of my niece and if you read the other blog it will fill you in on the title more. It is some Word Art that I found and it fit perfect for this photo.
I have been collecting some amazing digital papers and awesome elements for almost 2 years now and I really need to play with them so I can learn what I am doing!
Lorrie and Barb are sooo way ahead and staying on top of getting them done...and doing such an amazing job!!
Better get to bed I have Aden plus work tomorrow....makes for a long day.


  1. Very pretty, Brenda! I am using my Stampin Up Software and it is soooooooo easy.
    Lorrie bought me a photo shop class and I am trying to learn photo shop.

  2. Love your music, brings back memories!!

  3. memories for me 2 Barb! Glad you like it I LOVE the music on my other blog as well...

  4. This is an awesome layout. You're great at the digi! Your niece is a beautiful young lady!

  5. You are just as good with the digi as Barb and Lorrie. I think for me its going to take a bit to sink in. Your niece is very pretty :)