Saturday, February 6, 2010

Day 37

Here is a picture I took of the bean planter that was on our property when we bought it...I love the look of it and it remains where it was abandoned ...some day hopefully I will find the story behind it and maybe meet the farmer who left it behind. When we bought the property there was no road, no electric nothing we started from scratch. Ohhhh I will never forget how happy I was to get water!!! We use the water from our pond and I am telling you that was hard work! I am sure they heard me yahooing miles away!!
My awesome son is letting me play with his Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT so I took the photo with that before going to work. I have sooo much to learn on this one.
I LOVE the Canon Powershot SX1000IS that Shane bought me.....this is the camera that I have been using since he bought it for me Christmas 2009 I believe.
I am sooo blessed Shane is sooo good to me it brings tears to my eyes thinking of him and how proud I am to be his mother. I know you are reading Shane and I love you!!!
Better get to bed work early tomorrow....hmmmm wonder what every one's picture will be for tomorrow!!


  1. love your stories. I've always wanted to live out on a farm or far away from my neighbors. Right now if I wanted to I could reach out my window and if they reached out theirs we could shake hands. but I would need to live close enough to stores and such.

  2. What a neat picture. It looks like a wonderful place to live. I hope you find out the story behind the bean planter...

  3. Awesome photo and story. I wonder why it was abondonded and who left it... perhaps a farmer who had a story to tell...

    I can tell you are a very proud mom... that's a sign of a good mother, if you child makes you that proud it was a lot of YOU that made him into the outstanding young man he is today. :)

  4. That is so neat. I love that you have that.