Friday, February 12, 2010

Day 43

This is a picture of Aden eating a fudge cycle...this is the first time I had gave him one and by the way he was flipping out I think his first one!! There was sooo many pictures that I took to choose from but this one is sooo adorable!

The real reason I gave it to him was to put him in the high chair for a bit....he is getting good on his Lightning McQueen car...and I was being chased down!!! And it was killing me to walk let alone try to run from him!!

If you aren't familiar with his car here is the link :


  1. Smart thinking. I love fudgecicles. (sp?) I bet he just loved it. :)

  2. He's so adorable. Bet he absolutely loved it. Great photo. I love how you captured him moving the fudgcicle.