Friday, February 12, 2010

Day 42

This is a picture that I took last night at work this is one of my co-workers Tana. She didn't run from me! We have a new Store Manager filling in while Theresa is recovering from her surgery. I miss her! If you want to save some money visit your local Jo-Anns tons of stuff went into clearance!!! I was hurting sooo bad I didn't buy anything except 2 lil $1.00 books for Aden...he loves his books!

I am sorry I didn't get it posted last night I had a rough feet are killing me and am having a hard time today walking. Glad I have tonight off... I think after Aden gets picked up I am sitting in the whirlpool tub....calgon take me away!!!!


  1. I hope the whirlpool helps your feet.. :-(

  2. I like that your co workers are ok with you taking their pictures. It must be fun to work at J's. Enjoy you bath :)

  3. I just bought that green bag hanging in the background. It's so awesome. My daughter got the pink one for her books for school.

    Get some rest, soak those toes and CHILLAX it's FRIDAY!!!