Friday, February 19, 2010

Day 48

Joy here I am again late with my post!!! Noooo it's not a bird this time! Why I decided on this one is because of the distance Gary is guessing it is 100 feet from the house! Aden was having lunch and I spotted him out the patio was driving the girls nuts because they couldn't see him and I was going on "awww how cute a lil squirrel".

I am amazed at my camera getting this shot that far away this is way back by Gary's shed.


  1. Brenda, are you still using your son's camera for this or a different one? I just bought a new point and shoot and I'm not real thrilled with the picture quality. I have a nicer canon camera but it's soo big. What kind of camera are you using?

    This is a great picture. Won't be long and we'll have some leaves on our trees!

  2. Lorrie I am using my Cannon Powert ShotSX110IS...this is the one Shane bought me for Christmas!! I need to read the book more on Shane's camera....His is a big camera as well.