Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Day 40

This is a picture I got from the TV this morning we are getting some snow and more on its way....JOY!!!

I live in Defiance so you can see we will be getting hit with most of it! I am feeling sorry for Gary I am sure he will be working late as his company got the contract for snow removal for General Motors....so I think he might be a little grumpy after work as well....another joy!! What is the scary part I live 5 acres plus from the main road...he might not even be able to make it back here!

Oh I have to thank you Bridget!!! From me doing this 365 project he is finally starting to pick up his underwear and socks!!!! I spotted some outside the hamper on the floor the other day and I told him...hey you don't even want me to have this for my Picture Of The Day for the whole world wide web to see!! What really gets me is that they are not even an inch from the hamper....why???? Now if I can get him to put the toilet seat down!!


  1. YOu are sooooo funny!!!!

    Stay safe. I like the photo!!!

  2. I agree with Barb, you are too funny. Stay safe and I hope hubby is able to make it home. You have so many "joys" in your life...

  3. LOL I have the same problem here. Our hamper is just outside the shower door and not one of them can put their stuff in the darn thing. I hope you don't get as much as they are forecasting. I hope Gary makes it home safely. :)

  4. I hope you're both able to get around. Too much snow can be so aggravating! We're supposed to get more overnight. I hope they're wrong! Stay safe!